Soros, the next head of the Ukrainian National Bank in Kiev?

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Soros as Kiev’s Central Banker and Ridiculous US Laws

By F. William Engdahl – Journal-Neo

obama_soros_puppetIf it comes to pass, and it cannot unfortunately be ruled out, recent media rumors say that naturalized US billionaire hedge fund speculator and philosopher, George Soros, a very weary-looking 84-year-old who continues to try to weaken the Russian economy as he did back in 1998, might become the head of the Ukrainian National Bank in Kiev. Soros as head of any central bank in my view is putting the old fox to guard the hen-house. That would complete a quartet of foreign technocrats that clearly would do no good to the shattered real economy of Ukraine nor to peace in the world.

So far it is a report carried only by APA, the Azeri press agency in Baku. They cite a report carried Ukraine’s Channel 112. That report cited sources in the Ukraine parliament…

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7 thoughts on “Soros, the next head of the Ukrainian National Bank in Kiev?

  1. Soros the philosopher? of recent philosophy has become the catch word, surely this individual at 84, having produced nothing of value other than notoriety for his ability to extract money and make many lives more tragic, he would do well at his age to study wisdom.

    • Did Soras have a input to Egypt’s color revolution? bramhall? if so looking at Egypt” predicament today, what are you on about? can you give the reader some text that supports what you are on about, from my point of view he is all part of the corruption of today.

      • Sorry, I thought it was common knowledge that he helped fund at least 3 color revolutions in Eastern Europe: the “rose revolution” in Georgia (November 2003-January 2004), the first “orange revolution” in Ukraine (January 2005) and the “tulip revolution” in Kyrgyzstan (April 2005):

        To the best of my knowledge he didn’t play any role in the Arab Spring color revolutions – that was all the doing of NED and the State Department.

        I think we’re on the same page about Soros being part and parcel of corporate corruption.

      • I suggest to you that nothing is common knowledge? I am in a barren country of any intellectual content, all the people I know, do not know anything about the color revolution, also what we get here is Abbott’s shirt fronting Putin!
        Whatever the color revolution is, is so obscure as to what it means that it is a intellectual string of words that have no significance to peoples every day life, on reading the tulip, rose orange revolution is no more than a academic game, as far as I can see, the Arab Spring is no more than a Israeli and CIA, interference to destroy the Arab countries, at present the Israel’s are purchasing properties in all the countries of Arab land, this is to enlarge the Israeli portfolio of property, the so called color revolution is a nothing compared to British arms distribution to destroy the integration of Arab and other parts of the world, Soros being from the culture he is from is party to this destruction and he was all part of the destruction of the sterling holding of gold, this would all be part of the British elite’s destruction of their own kind, other than the 1%, the British Queen would be party to all this saga, she is the worst example of what Britain is about, she sets the tone of the ultimate snob, what ever your qualifications are and I suspect you are a Phd, that no longer is able to speak a language that is comprehensible to the people, your problem is you feel as a inferior within, what you need Bram, is to be seen as clever, no doubt your father did not love you, we have all been taken in by RD Laing and a myriad assortment of gurus, we no longer need these elites, as with Marx, Freud and the rest of the academics that are all proving to Gods of yesterday and are now all part of the debris of yesterday.

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