Saudi Arabia, oil riches, poverty and wars

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This video from the USA says about itself:

Saudi Arabia Beheads 19 People

8 September 2014

The United States like many nations has had a longstanding pattern of cherry picking which groups and nation-states get to commit atrocious human rights abuses and which ones don’t. Of those one of the most rampant abusers of human life is Saudi Arabia. The U.S government and its citizens are reacting to video of the beheading of journalist [Steven] Sotloff by ISIS. Yet the U.S government and its citizens seem to largely not care that Saudi Arabia has beheaded 19 people in the month of August. Eight of these beheadings are for non-violent offenses. Seven are for drug smuggling and one is for sorcery…

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By Jean Shaoul:

Saudi Arabia destabilised by high-risk move on oil production

7 January 2015

An air of deepening crisis hangs over Saudi…

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