UKRAINE: Truth and Evidences in Video ~ [video collection & excerpts] ~ LAST HOURS: after the heavy losses incurred, Kiev accepts a ceasefire

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Exclusive video
Total sweep of Uglegorsk, NAF special operation (18+)

Militia of Donbass take full control of the Uglegorsk’s territory. Soldiers of the Novorossiya Army successfully conducted a tactical special operation to liberate the strategically important village.
Footage from Wednesday in Uglegorsk shows forces from the Donetsk People’s Republic moving into the town to ensure no Ukrainian government forces remain there.

Beginning of the video:
Commander Olkhon: “The mission for today is to finish off the leftovers”
End of the video:
Olkhon: “I can say one thing, my unit completed the task. Such units, which fought with us, such as Sparta, such as the 1st battalion of the 3rd brigade, and others, completed the task. The city of Uglegorsk is 100% ours” 

DNR fighters consolidate positions in newly-captured Uglegorsk

DNR forces evacuate civilians from the chaos of Uglegorsk

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