Kiev ‘agreed’ to ceasefire, but its snipers shot journalists and crew reporters near Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine ~ Related Report: Donetsk’s families crippled and slaughtered by Kiev’s criminals

the real Syrian Free Press

.. Only a few hours after that Kiev’s putschists gangsters agreed to ceasefire with Dombass fighters…

…Russian journalists, including RT crew, come under fire in eastern Ukraine.


Russian journalists from the ‘Rossiya’ TV channel and RT have come under fire near Debaltsevo in the Donetsk region. They were reporting on the evacuation of civilians from the conflict zone.

The RT crew of four, including correspondents Roman Kosarev and Anna Knishenko, were near a checkpoint from which a bus with Debaltsevo refugees was supposed to leave for Donetsk when they came under fire.

“The bullets were flying two or three meters from us,” said Kosarev after the attack.

“The [humanitarian] column stopped and we were shot at by a sniper. We laid low.”

Russian journalists

“None of our crew was injured, but two anti-government forces’ fighters were wounded. Their lives are not danger,” he said.

Kosarev and Knishenko said they had to…

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