USA creates Fourth Reich to destroy Russia

the real Syrian Free Press

54545 had an interview with first deputy head of United Russia faction at the Russian Parliament, leader of the Russian Union of Afghan Veterans, Franz Klintsevich. We spoke about US plans in Ukraine, the situation in the Donbass, perspective of a new coup in Ukraine and Pentagon’s plans for a nuclear attack on Russia.

“There is a theory saying that during the Caribbean crisis, there were two minutes left before a nuclear war. Now they say that the doomsday clock was moved two minutes forward. A lot has been said recently about the danger of a global nuclear war. How dangerous is the current situation?”

“Two young bulls are resting under a tree, chewing grass. One of them says: “Is it true that people feed us for meat?” The other one, a lazy and fat one, replies: “Come on, enough with your conspiracy theories!” In fact, the current state…

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