Ukraine, Donbass: Latest News & Military Reports from Novorossiya [10-17 Feb. 2015]

the real Syrian Free Press

If Kiev is looking for trouble, in Donbass has found them

… if Kiev junta is looking for troubles…

… in Donbass they have found a lot …

Russian Diplomat Says East Ukraine Was Home to Massive Arms Stocks Long Before the Crisis

East Ukraine had a vast weapons stockpile long before the conflict erupted, and Moscow can’t be accused of amassing it, Russia’s ambassador to the European Union said in an exclusive interview with TASS on Monday.

A “huge amount of weaponry” had existed over past decades since Soviet times, Vladimir Chizhov said. Tank depots and stores of other “metallic items” were located there, even repair plants able to make one operational tank from two disabled ones, the envoy said.”

“We believe people in Donbas have solid grounds not to trust authorities in Kiev,” he said. After the February 2014 coup “the people in Donbas felt defeated. They disliked this as, moreover, they were not fighting anyone and were…

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