Al-Qaeda say ‘Thanks’ to USA regime: weaponry and ammunitions for the ‘Harakat Hazm’ gang of Obama’s moderate terrorists are now in the hands of jihadist & Daesh’s mercenaries ~ Zion-American mission accomplished

the real Syrian Free Press


The ‘Harakat Hazm’ terrorist gangs announced their dissolution after the Nusra Front captured their headquarters in the Aleppo province.

A large number of the Harakat Hazm’ mercenaries are now with the Daesh and al-Nusra militias based in Aleppo.


The move came after the ‘al-Nusra Front’, al-Qaeda’s official gangs in Syria, beat the ‘Harakat Hazm’ gangs in the town of Atarib, where the USA’s supported terrorist gang had its headquarter.


In the last years Harakat Hazm has been supplied of advanced US weaponry, which are now fallen into the hands of Daesh and al-Nusra’s gangsters.


Al-Nusra Front terrorists claimed on social media that they are also in possession of TOW anti-tank missiles and other US provisions seized in the attack and conquest of the ‘Harakat Hazm’ positions.


What’s more: thanks Obama, thanks America for your support to the worst terrorist groups on the planet, that in addition to threatening the Syrian…

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