Syrian Arab Army Reports ~ Large number of mercenary barbarians killed in their hiding places or arrested during their escape to the Israeli and Turkish borders

the real Syrian Free Press

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Syrian Army units kill mercenary barbarians, destroy their gatherings and weapons in different areas

(12/3/2015) ~ The Syrian Arab Army carried out a series of military operations against dens and gatherings of armed terrorists and mercenary gangs in different areas, killing scores of gangsters and destroying their weaponry.



An army unit confronted a terrorists attempt – attack against the Old City- towards Abdul-Hamid al-Zahrawi School- in Aleppo northern province, and it kills numbers of terrorists and injures others, a military source said.

Army members clashed with terrorists in the surrounding area of the School, leaving many terrorists killed and others injured.


A military source said that the army destroyed a vehicle for terrorists and killed all onboard in Tranje village in Quneitra countryside.

Heavy losses were inflicted in the ranks of the foreign-backed terrorist organization during Army intensive operations in the southwestern…

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