Israeli settlers, a bunch of criminals to be declared as ‘terrorist organization’, stoned a 6 year old girl, poisoned the home water tank of palestinian families

the real Syrian Free Press


Palestinian female child, Sujoud Ibrahim (6 yo) on Saturday sustained injuries and bruises in the head after being stoned by Israeli settlers in from Ma’oun settlement South Hebron district.

Coordinator for popular committee against the wall and settlements in South Hebron, Rateb Jbour said that the settlers of Ma’oun settlement which was constructed on the occupied lands of Yatta village, in a deliberate attack have stoned the child causing her injuries in the head.

Sujoud was moved to a health center near Yatta, and now is in a stable condition.

Settler Organizations To Be Blacklisted as Terrorist: Jews settlers poisoning Palestinian family home water tanks.

The Palestine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement which PNN received, strongly condemned this terrorist act of settlers, and demanded them be blacklisted as terrorists and criminals for the ongoing violence against Palestinians.

On the other hand, the ministry strongly condemned the massacre which…

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