Crack Capitalism

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Available to stream on vimeo until Thursday, April 2nd

The C.I.A. covertly funded military operations in Nicaragua in the 1980’s; in part using money from cocaine sales out of Nicaragua. These covert government activities substantially contributed to the ‘crack cocaine epidemic’ in urban America. The subsequent effect was that black incarceration was systematized and monetized.

This documentary features interviews with:

1. Author, filmmaker, producer, and culture critic Nelson George
2. Legendary L.A. drug trafficker of the early 80’s “Freeway” Rick Ross
3. Michael Dukakis, 1988 Democratic Nominee for President/former Governer of Massachusetts
4. Dr. Michael Genovese from Loyola Marymount’s Institute of Leadership Studies

Directed, Edited, & Produced by Eric Alexander-Hughes
Produced by Amanda Morton & Jason Barth
Original Music/ Soundtrack by Quinn Gibson & Shark Anthony
Production Sound by Damon LuVisi
Executive Produced by:
Aida Hughes
Nelson George
Michael Ostin
Brett Rattner
Andrew Dilts

Special Thanks to:
Stephanie ‘Stevvi’ Alexander

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