German military imperialism in Somalia

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This music video is called David RovicsPirates of Somalia — Berlin, Germany, 2011-04-21. The lyrics of this song are here.

By Johannes Stern in Germany:

Germany extends military deployment in Somalia

30 March 2015

On Thursday, the German parliament voted by a large majority to extend its military operations in Somalia. Of the 578 votes cast, 454 delegates voted for the continuation of German involvement in the mission. There were 115 “no” votes and nine abstentions.

The decision provides for a continuation of earlier commitments to the European Union Training Mission in Somalia (EUTM SOM). Up to 20 soldiers are also to be used in the training of the Somali army and as advisers to the Somali defense ministry. The German military has been active in the Somali mission since 2010, in addition to its other deployments in the Horn of Africa, including Mission Nestor

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