Yemeni Source: 48 hospitals have been destroyed by Saudi Arabia and Coalition attack

Piazza della Carina




For Your Enlightenment …. War Crimes, Categories of By Steven R. Ratner

i am guessing people do not know what constitutes war crimes and this is why you say NOTHING … i mean you can’t actually approve of what western powers  and Zionist partners are doing, right????

american war crimes

The term “war crimes” evokes a litany of horrific images—concentration camps, ethnic cleansing, execution of prisoners, rape, and bombardment of cities. These images correspond in many ways to the legal definitions of the term, but international law draws lines that do not in all ways match our sense of the most awful behavior.

War crimes are those violations of the laws of war—or international humanitarian law (IHL)—that incur individual criminal responsibility. While limitations on the conduct of armed conflict date back at least to the Chinese warrior Sun Tzu (sixth century b.c.e.), the ancient Greeks were among the first to regard such…

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