Easter celebrations, Syriac Catholic Archbishop Kawak: “May God protect Syria and its Army, to achieve victory against terrorism” ~ Daesh terrorists blow up the Church of the Virgin Mary in Hasaka

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Easter celebrations limited to prayers and masses

Damascus, 5 April 2015 ~ Christian denominations in Syria, who follow the Western calendar, celebrated Easter, with celebrations limited to prayers and masses due to the circumstances in Syria and in honor of martyrs.

In the Roman Catholic Patriarchate in Damascus, a huge mass was held, led by Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch and All East Gregory III Laham, assisted by a group of priests.

Patriarch Laham affirmed during the sermon that Christians of the East are unified despite the suffering visited on them by terrorists, adding that they are determined not leave their homeland.

The Patriarch called for bringing an end to killing, displacement and suffering in Syria, also making reference to Palestine which he said “must return”.

He called for moving ahead with dialogue and reconciliations among the Syrians.

“With these hopes of resurrection, we send heart-felt wishes from Damascus to…

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