Polio in Syria? A Rockefeller’s Virus Spread by Jihadists From Pakistan?

the real Syrian Free Press


According with the ‘Washington Post’ (22/6/2014), from one year already in the rebel-held areas of north-Syria ‘volunteers’ of the foreign backed gangs have inoculated, with a unknown virus elaborated by Rockfeller’s Organizations, about 1.4 million Syrian children. Is this a new strategy of war to lead to a new generation of disabled people?

The “volunteer network” is composed by so called ‘rebels’ with access to the northern area of Syria from the border with Turkey. Their Headquarter is in fact in southern Turkey and this ‘coalition’ includes SAMS, the opposition-linked Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) and about half a dozen other groups linked to the FSA and other terrorists organizations, in a patchwork of local and international ‘aid groups’ supported by foreign governments: the same foreign governments which are arming the gangs of cuttroats to sloughter the Syrian people that don’t want to be subdued to global jihadist…

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