After US, Britain, France, Jordan refuse to name Daesh-ISIL as separate terror group, also U.N. World Meteorological Organization excluded ISIS’ from hurricane name list

the real Syrian Free Press

‘Isis’ excluded from UN hurricane name list over terror group associations

(RT) ~ The Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group will not have a tropical storm named after it any time soon as ‘Isis’ has now been taken off the UN’s list of hurricane names.

United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) deemed the use of the name inappropriate as it matches one of the acronyms of the violent terrorist group.

WMO’s spokeswoman, Clare Nullis, said that it’s not unprecedented for the organization to axe hurricane names.

“Names are knocked off the list, which rotates every six years, if they are considered inappropriate if they caused too much damage and too much death,” she told Reuters.

Nullis then explained to Time magazine that “there is never a vote” when a decision to remove a hurricane name of the list is made.

“There was consensus on this. These sorts of…

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