Birthday ACTION for Mumia Abu-Jamal! #MumiaMustLive

Speaking With A True Heart

Mumia before after diabetes crisis.preview left side photo 2013; right side photo 2015

On April 24, 1994 the parents of Wesley Cook aka Mumia Abu-Jamal were Blessed with his Birth. Life leads each of us in many directions and very sadly Mumia has been wrongfully enslaved by the State of Pennsylvania since 1982 for the unfortunate murder of a Philadelphia police officer. He is considered by many to be a Political Prisoner/Prisoner of War of the United States. One of the recent most eloquent of articles written about Mumia’s case and “celebrity” can be found here > Mumia Abu-Jamal: A Black Radical Who Matters For Our Time”

For most of Humankind Birthdays are celebrations of Life. Happy times, times of reflections, times of dreams, acknowledging past failures and moving on to new potentials….it’s hard to ignore a Birthday, even if the only one who remembers is the one who…

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