London Police Use Tear Gas on Protesters in Anti-Gentrification Rally

Aletho News

Sputnik | 25.04.2015

MOSCOW — Metropolitan police have used tear gas against protesters after they have tried stormed into a police station in South London’s Brixton during anti-gentrification demonstrations, local media reported Saturday.

According to ITV, members of the law enforcement removed the protesters who entered the station using tear gas.

Thousands of people have gathered in Brixton’s central square to protest against gentrification earlier in the day, according to media.

The event’s organizers claim they support change and regeneration which would benefit the existing communities in the area, but not gentrification. The local council or associations have sent eviction notices to tenants of at least four council homes to be renewed by private constructions.

“Stop rent rises, stop evictions,” the protesters’ placards read. Other slogans included “People before profit,” “More council homes, not luxury homes,” and “Property developers are vultures.”

One demonstrator held a sign saying “Black communities matter,”…

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