hodos extremely excited, can’t expect him to tell us why in english, unfortunately


In Kiev, Buzina, and in Tel Aviv, Uncle (дядька)
Eduard Hodos, Apr 27 2015

00:35 – the Newspaper “Quiet Horror” – through the years, through distance…
05:51 – one kilometer from Babi Yar, neo-Bandera executed Buzina.
09:49 – funeral Olesya Buzina in Kiev.
12:50 – About Orthodoxy, Monarchy and not Ukrainians by origin.
22:31 – arena – group Dnepropetrovsk equilibrists.
27:46 – In a kitchen garden Buzina, and in Kiev the uncle.
31:41 – Russian Jews on the fate of Olesya Buzina.
36:12 – media – monstrous terrorist weapons.
39:35 – Olesya Buzina – Orthodox latter-day Martyr.

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