Monarchy, Billionaire Class Block Democracy, Peace In Middle East, World.


by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-30Alphabet The original focus of this post was the war and violence in Yemen, in particular the start of the Saudi Arabian monarchy’s air-bombing campaign on that country just as political parties there were close to reaching a negotiated agreement. The fact that an effort consisting of dialogue, compromise, and accommodation was nearing success – aided by recently resigned United Nations special adviser on Yemen Jamal Benomar, whose statement critical of Saudi Arabia’s military attacks has caused a great deal of backlash against the monarchy – then stopped by the Saudi decison to bomb Yemen, makes clear certain wealthy, powerful persons on Earth are at war against democracy.

Many analysts and political officials have seen a parallel between Saudi militarist actions against the Yemeni people and the horrific bombing campaign conducted against Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu during its self-named “Operation Protective Edge”, and both the Saudi and…

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