Angelina Jolie Wants to Throw Syrian Civilians in Mass Graves

the real Syrian Free Press

Why is the title of the article so harsh? Because if Angelina was successful at getting the United Nations to grant any kind of “No-Fly-Zone” or “military action” in Syria, the result would be death of millions and millions of Syrians.

Why? Because millions and millions of Syrians ACTUALLY SUPPORT Bashar al-Assad. This would lead to the death of all Syrians who would refuse to live under the rule of any outside predetermined government put together by the United States, Saudi, Israel or any other foreign country they, themselves did NOT vote in.

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Angelina spoke to the United Nations last week basically pleading for intervention in Syria.

So this article speaks directly to you Angelina, and those who support your speech.

As you opened your speech, you spoke of eleven trips you have made to Syrian “refugee camps” but have you ever even…

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2 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie Wants to Throw Syrian Civilians in Mass Graves

  1. Have watched the Ford report on news site and have read Jolie’s irresponsible comments – she really needs to get informed so she can spout opinion that reflects the truth. Enjoyed your report and try to share on line as much as I can as an alternative to the media misrepresentation. Know enough to realize the puppeteering that America is involved in. Currently exposing all lies by the US and espoused by the BBC and our bought and paid for editorial media. This includes anti – Putin and his NON involvement in the NATO crimes being committed in Ukraine and their false flag wars in the middle east. Currently trying to get the message out that the US coup against Bashar al Assad and installing Saudi puppet is causing terrible suffering at the hands of the radicalized militants. The Syrian army and peoples of which more than 70% are loyal to Al Assad.Need to encourage people in UK to be more involved in getting sanctions introduced against the US and boycotting them for their deliberate destabilizing “interventions” and condemning British govt. in aiding and abetting the US and their NATO war machine. Whether from instigating unrest and destabilizing a country to promote Washington’s own agenda of self interest or arming them with sophisticated weaponry and enlisting the help of mercenaries and radical dissidents to fight their proxy wars as they have done in Syria and Yemen, the US and NATO allies now need to right the problem they have caused. That requires that they first acknowledge the truth of their (illegal)activities, which they never will or save face by presenting alternative and possibly reverse strategies for relieving the situation. Another approach is to attack the media false narratives we are constantly bombarded with and organizing petitions denouncing these editorials by making facebook a source of facts and truths. There are people out there in cyberspace who know how to get petitions into public domain. If all the unaffiliated and freelance press (including the members of Al Jazeira who just quit their jobs) got together, maybe we could effect change by creating awareness of the problem of biased reporting in flagrant denial of the truth. The UK Guardian, although not corporate owned, has a bias against, Tory and for, Labour politics and so misses many people. What if you offered this post to the guardian as a special report, perhaps they might print it. That would reach a lot of readers and possibly snowball, could be even the Daily Mirror might want a piece of the action. I am not proficient enough to submit an article to the guardian but this author certainly could. Truth can usually be defended with real facts, lies on the other hand do not rely on facts only people’s bias or unwillingness to rethink their own personal “dogma”.

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