Odessa, 2 May 2014-2015: Anniversary of a Massacre, in Memory of Martyrs [+Photo/Video collection]

the real Syrian Free Press

Not a single hypocrite, among those who have expressed disgust for “Charlie Ebdo”, showed a shred of sympathy or outrage at the massacre of Odessa (…as for most of the horrors going on in Syria and the Middle East): nevertheless the Odessa’s massacre was far more atrocious. This is the sign of the “sensitivity” of the corrupted and doped Westerners masses, which are increasingly remote-controlled by some lobbies and their media.
(SFP editorial team)


A test for humanity: the anniversary of Odessa tragedy

Nikolay Azarov,
former Prime Minister of Ukraine:

“We are approaching a frightening day in the history of our country. May 2 – the day of the Odessa Khatyn.

[The name Khatyn or Chatyń has a historic overtone and reference, instead of calling the event a tragedy or a massacre, the often used term ‘Odessa Khatyn’ reminds us about its parallel with a historic event. A…

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