Saudi Aggression on Yemen since Announcement of Ceasefire in Figures

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YemenThousands of civilians have been killed or wounded by the Saudi aggression on Yemen which has targeted the basic life necessities, services facilities, electricity, gas stations, and food factories. All of the human rights violations have been committed amid a total silence from the International community and the humanitarian organizations.

Saddah governorate:

Thursday 30/4/2015

– 2 air strikes targeted Rahban Hotel, injuring 3 people and destroying neighboring buildings.

– An artillery shell hit al-Menzalah in Al-Dheer district.

– Air raids on boarder areas between Razih and Saddah.

– More than 20 air raids on Al-Boqa’a area.

-2 air strikes targeted Zaid Musleh Technical foundation of production and distribution.

-Air strikes on Dhyaan , 2 air strikes on Rahban Hotel which led to one man injured and the damage of two commercial stores .

-3 air strikes targeted areas on Sahar district.

– Al-Masirah TV channel was targeted.

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