Latest News of Ukraine, Donetsk, Novorossia, Russia ~ [South Front 07.05.2015]

the real Syrian Free Press


Pro-Kiev forces have destroyed a gas pipeline and a cafe building in Donetsk with artillery shelling. “After an explosive object hit, roof and floor were destroyed on an area of 2,500 meters in the Dilyara cafe on Marshal Zhukov Street.

A shell also damaged a gas pipeline on Signalnaya Street,” the press service Donetsk city administration said on Wednesday. The DPR emergencies ministry has confirmed information about shillings.

According to its reports around 300 explosive objects were found near Lisichanskaya, including 105 artillery shells of 152mm, 14 of 125mm and 20 mines for a 120mm mortar. Explosive objects were also found near Khartsyzsk, Debaltsevo and Gorlovka.

The Ukrainian authorities have failed to implement the agreements reached in Minsk, head of the Donetsk Peoples Republic Alexander Zakharchenko told a press briefing on Wednesday.

“The economic blockade has not been lifted, the banking system has not been restored, pensions and social…

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