Saudi Arabia and Its Self-Assured Right to Destroy Yemen’s Lifelines

Saudi Arabia and Its Self-Assured Right to Destroy Yemen’s Lifelines

TEHRAN (FNA)– The criminal nature of this war seems perfectly clear to all who live in the Middle East.

The unprovoked aggression against Yemen is not an alleged proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. There are no Iranian forces in Yemen and Iran has no intention of sending any. Tehran seeks an immediate ceasefire for obvious reasons:

– The unprovoked conflict is a smokescreen originally started by the media in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi to promote a false story. What seems to be troubling for the increasingly divided House of Saud is that Americans are going to cut a possible deal with Iran, so they paid vast amounts of money to Israel to lobby against the Iran nuclear deal.

– The alliance between Abu Dhabi and Israeli interests gave the false story about the alleged Iranian take-over of Yemen additional legs, passed on to mainstream media from Tel Aviv. Fanning a bogus Shia-Sunni conflict seems to be a great idea for Riyadh, enthusiastically seconded by its protector and close ally, Israel, which benefitted from Saudi funding of the 2014 Gaza War.

– The alliance with Israel is crucial to Abu Dhabi’s security too. But the wacky plan to actually split up Yemen couldn’t rely on the alliance with Israel for boots on the ground. So an alliance with the heavily armed and deposed leader of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, as well as Al-Qaeda and Arab allies was necessary too. To this end, Abu Dhabi funded them to the tune of several billions of dollars.

With these in mind, the blitz boys of so many Arab and Western states are now attacking and destroying Yemen’s lifelines for all the criminal reasons. They want to split Yemen and they have no intention to comply with international humanitarian law, let alone take feasible measures to minimise harm to civilians.

Little wonder the United Nations and The International Committee of the Red Cross say they are extremely worried about the severe damage caused by the Saudi-led attacks on civilian infrastructure. The destruction of key logistic infrastructure, including airports, seaports, bridges and roads is having alarming consequences on the civilian population. The humanitarian situation has now become catastrophic.

The current conflict has already caused extreme hardship for the population across the country. The destruction of logistic infrastructure means countless lives are now more at risk, and the international civil society can no longer afford to stand and watch as people suffer and die of preventable causes.

The international civil society, therefore, has a duty to demand that robust and unobstructed channels for the provision of humanitarian assistance are opened and respected by the terror-mongers in this increasingly desperate situation.

Like Iran, the international civil society should also call for an end to the criminal attacks on these vital lifelines and for the Yemeni civil aviation authority to be given the chance to repair the airports. It’s the only way to send humanitarian assistance to the blockaded country.

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