KSA & Israel make the same claims of self defence while massacring children.

The Wall Will Fall

Anyone who claims KSA are defending themselves against the Yemeni resistance:

Look at these photos of Self Defence against the Yemenis. Ring any bells?

Nasser “the liberation of the Arab world begins in Riyadh”. KSA is the belly of wahabbism and Muslim sectarianism from which the spawn of evil emanate in the guise of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra..the monster spawn who are massacring Muslim innocents be they Shia, Sunni, Alwawi..it matters not. I will personally support any resistance against this KSA produced cancer that is being injected into the veins of this world by the US and its allies including the Zionist entity. KSA is their lapdog, their insane overfed oil generating, money hugging poodle. They have desecrated the heart of the Muslim faith by turning Mecca into a holiday park and revenue producer whilst forbidding the worshipping at any shrine not directly dedicated to Allah. They are…

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