Russia accuses West of trying to destabilize Macedonia

To Inform is to Influence

An little girl stand in front of her destroyed house in Kumanovo ,Macedonia May 12, 2015. REUTERS/OGNEN TEOFILOVSKI

Russia must be planning to invade Macedonia.

Sat May 16, 2015 11:44am EDT


Russia accused “Western organizers” on Saturday of trying to foment a “color revolution” in the troubled former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, where political tensions are building ahead of an opposition rally on Sunday.

“Color revolution” is a term often used to describe popular uprisings in the former Soviet Union, including Ukraine, where Moscow also accuses the West of deliberately meddling in local politics to further its interests.

In a statement on the Macedonian crisis, Russia’s foreign ministry cited Serbian media reports about the arrest of a citizen of Montenegro accused of helping what Moscow called “Albanian extremists” operating in Macedonia.

“(This is) convincing evidence … of attempts to push the country into the abyss of ‘color revolution’,”…

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4 thoughts on “Russia accuses West of trying to destabilize Macedonia

  1. Came across a site called “To inform is to influence” an anti Russian propaganda site and sent a comment in:
    Thanks so much for enlightening me on how propaganda works. I’ve been witnessing the US propaganda for the last 50 years and I think I can smell it a mile off. Our bought and paid for media with a few notable exceptions whore themselves to the criminal activities of the “exceptionalism” of the US. The US achievements include deposing a popular but pro Russian government and imposing a nazi regime, slaughtering it’s civilians using their Paladin artillery system with 125mm shells and reducing towns like Donetsk to rubble. Further “exceptionalism” includes breaking the Minsk treaty by maintaining their aggressive presence within the Debaltsevo. The US warmongering machine know no limitations in it’s pursuit of “World Dominance”. Encircling Russia with a view to limiting it’s spheres of influence because the only spheres of influence the US will tolerate are it’s own(’tis the nature of the beast). With regards to aggression, Russia is sadly lacking in this area, Putin’s only motivation seems to be in response to US slaughter of those pesky Russian people under the pretense of “protecting” them from drug barons and gun runners(and human trafficking etc. etc. which was and is the so-called government oligarchs of Georgia)) as in the case of Ossetia who was never part of Georgia in the first place. Fortunately, those who were able to escape, are able to find sanctuary in Russia, which is what 1.5 million Donbas citizens have already done in the onslaught of the US backed nazi Ukraine army. We fought in the Second World War with Russia’s help and the US (belatedly, once they realized that Russia would get the German scientists and technology if they didn’t) only to have the US impose on eastern Europe that same enemy we lost so many lives to defeat. The US of course have nothing to lose, since they are many miles away and have instituted fascists and terrorists to do their murdering for them and will backtrack when their own casualties start to escalate. Propaganda vomited by the US has seen Geoffrey Pyatt trying to represent a picture of a Russian BUK(picture taken at a military Convention two years earlier) supposedly within the conflict zone, as evidence of “Russian aggression” – what a shame his deception was exposed. Then there’s the Volnovakha bus tragedy of Jan. 13th that Poroshenko announced as Russian aggression only for it to be exposed later, “that the explosive device belonged to the Kiev forces who hold that area, where also, US troops are carrying out “training exercises”. Only just recently did the Assad regime stand accused of the aerial attacks on Aleppo only to have the CENTCOM report of their US air strikes against Aleppo – whoops! I’m all in favour of propaganda, it’s through the use of this tool that so much information on the misinformation and particularly the unguarded rantings of people like Samantha Powell, Hillary Clinton, Ms.Rice. Pyatt and so many other scheming and conniving representatives of Washington, that we are able to expose the real truth as opposed to Self interested bias.

    This is part of her blog:
    Now I can ‘proudly’ say, I average 59 readers from Russia.

    Now let’s lump in my Russian ‘friends’ from Facebook, I’d estimate I have ten. BUT, I post publicly and each of these Russian friends has a BUNCH of Russian friends. Every time they post an article from Russia Today, from ITAR-TASS or from any number of perfectly skewed news sources, I rebut their story.

    No, I do not expect to change any minds in Russia. “I do expect, Mr. Bond, for you” to know everything you are being fed might possibly be wrong, invented, skewed, disinformation, misinformation, propaganda or even… incorrect.

    Within “Information Activity” circles here in the US, many experts are wondering what is wrong in Russia. Your propaganda used to be so good, your stories had the grasp of basic facts. It was difficult for gentlemen like Herb Romerstein to counter your stories. Your stories had depth, they contained basic nuggets of truth, they built off facts, they were practically works of art.

    Now you’re reading my blog. I’m grinning because that might be a compliment, if I scrunch my face up and look at that sentence in a wierd way. With your current track record I’m not sure if I can even take it as an insult.

    One thing, I know for sure, is that Hillary Clinton called it right. As much political flak as she’s taking for the timing of her statement, what Russia is doing in Ukraine and Crimea, it is certainly not original. Hitler did it in Sudetenland, you did it in Crimea. Oh, and South Ossetia, too.

    But, Russia, thanks for reading. It’s been a pleasure!

    I don’t know how to do my own blog and am not very adept at making rebuttals, I have read so many of the articles you emailed me and wondered if you can counter her attacks.

      • The reason I sent you that huge comment is because I don’t have the courage to do a blog, even though I have a WordPress account. I’m a dinosaur with computers and hoped you might know someone who could respond to her anti Russian spew with a real blog that would be read like yours is.

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