Russian GRU Spetsnaz ~ Inside the Ultra-Elite Special Forces of the Russian Military (Fantastic Interview and Video)

the real Syrian Free Press

Saker‘ (‘Russia Insider‘ team) interviews the Commander in the Special Forces of the Russian Military Intelligence, Spetsnaz GRU Commander “Ramzes”

Russian GRU Spetsnaz-10-2

Russian GRU Spetsnaz are one of the most renowned, formidable, and deeply respected special forces in the world. They are the in-house special forces of the Russian Military inteligence and operate exclusively on foreign territory

As a top level American military analyst, The Saker poses a number of interesting questions to the commander of 25 GRU Spetsnaz soldiers. Call signed “Ramzes”, he gives us a unique inside look into GRU Spetsnaz:

  • command structure
  • tasks on foreign soil
  • missions in Afghanistan
  • training and tactics
  • successful mission in Crimea
  • life after the service

We believe this is a very interesting interview because of its rarity. These guys work on some of the toughest top secret missions around the globe. The general public knows very little about their work, and even once they leave the service they…

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