Nato Assets Demirtas & Erdogan Play Good Cop Vs Bad Cop To Carve Out A ‘No-Fly Zone’ For An Overt Nato Occupation Of Northern Syria

the real Syrian Free Press


The public servant who assumes an ethnic or any other ‘identity’ to slaughter civilians only to increase his own administrative paycheck is trying to disguise he is criminal. 

The Turkish ‘elections’ in which no ‘political’ party opposes the NATO slaughter of Syrian civilians is only the most cynical media campaign to try and carve out a no fly zone in Northern Syria like the treacherous Barzani did in Iraq.

let us be frank, that the ‘motives’ are not very well ‘hidden’

NATO is falling over itself to sell the whole Kurdish ‘Independence’ front for their ‘no fly zone’.

The Kurdish ‘political’ leaders obvious claims of ‘independence’ from the oppressor, who was always colonial NATO, are as shallow and insincere, as they are false.

It is just shocking how some people will slaughter civilians to try to re-draw administrative boundaries to their own liking.


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