Locals of occupied Golan stop Israeli ambulances, kill 2 mercenary-terrorists [Updated Reports]

the real Syrian Free Press

Given the various versions of the incident received, we decided to submit you more sources who reported the events. It is not yet clear whether the two terrorists were both ISIS or al-Nusra Front, which would not make much difference, being both mercenary gangs assisted by the regimes of US-NATO-Saudi-Turkey-Qatar (SFP)

Excerpts collection by Cem Ertür

Israeli ambulance carrying ISILA photo of the Israeli ambulance carrying ISIL Takfiri terrorists that came under attack in the occupied Golan Heights on June 22, 2015.

ISIL Takfiri terrorist killed by Druze in occupied Golan Heights

Press TV, 23 June 2015 ~ An ISIL Takfiri terrorist has been killed by a group of Syrian Druze residents in the occupied Golan Heights as he was being transported to Israel for treatment.

On Monday, more than 150 Druze protesters attacked an Israeli ambulance carrying two injured Syrian Takfiri terrorists near the Druze town of Majdal Shams in…

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