Global War On Terror Expands To Myanmar

the real Syrian Free Press

India-Burma-Myanmarclick on map to enlarge – (map by ‘aurorasito‘)

by Andrew Korybko, The Saker

India conducted a special forces operation against Myanmar-based terrorists responsible for a recent attack

Showing its renewed resolution in combating all forms of terrorism, India recently launched a precision operation against Myanmar-based terrorists, killing over 100 of them. The operation was in response to a surprise ambush earlier this month that killed 18 soldiers in the Northeastern state of Manipur. This corner of the country has long been a hotbed of separatism and terrorist activity, and the various fighting groups active in the area have occasionally taken advantage of their neighbor’s internal woes to exploit it as a base of operations. In fact, there’s an implicit alliance between them and the Myanmar rebels, as the anti-India groups wouldn’t be able to use their counterpart’s territory without their consent.

India is actively looking to expand…

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