Media Coverage of Europe’s Migrant Crisis Ignores Root Cause: NATO

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Danielle Ryan | Russia Insider | June 23, 2015

The scale of the migrant crisis Europe is facing today cannot be understated. It is truly unprecedented. What is habitually understated, however — and in fact almost completely ignored by mainstream media — are the real roots of the crisis.

The debate around migration into the EU is happening nearly entirely without reference to the causes of the recent influx of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East. The elephant in the room is NATO and nobody really wants to talk about it.

Hundreds of articles, laden down with numbers and proposals and predictions fail to make any direct link between cause and effect. News anchors sit seemingly baffled, mouths agape, at the apocalyptic-like pictures they are seeing land on their desks, and yet few are willing to draw the appropriate conclusions. But it is such a basic and logical connection that…

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3 thoughts on “Media Coverage of Europe’s Migrant Crisis Ignores Root Cause: NATO

  1. Nobody looks at the big picture.

    The media, instead of playing their role, are broadcasting the superficial message of their owners and stakeholders.

    They drown themselves into this brainless sentimentalism and sensationalism ignoring analysis and in-depth thinking.
    From BBC to Al Jazeera, from CNN to Euronews, Information is only another spectacle and the competition is about which channel will make the people cry the most with reality TV show type pictures, shallow comments and analysis, completely avoiding any serious journalistic work.

    Making sure that the truth remains buried under tons of spectacular, pitying images, misinformation and self serving declarations from unelected entities and individuals who suddenly have been given the power to manage the immigration policies of entire sovereign and independent countries.

    No explanations, no analysis, no investigation into the causes, the reasons, and realities of this so called “migrant crisis”.
    Worse even, no mention whatsoever of the catastrophic and dramatic consequences for Europe and the future of western civilisation.

    Everything is in the sphere of the emotional without any further journalistic or investigative work.

    The malleable and compliant masses, helped by spin doctors on mainstream and social media are falling into the trap. They think what they are told to think , repeat what they are told to say.

    Their very limited abilities in term of personal thinking has now reached levels of stupidity rarely seen before.
    The debate is closed, even before having started, the politically correct unilateral thinking of their masters have convinced entire moronic crowds to comply to the obvious political agenda they are unable to perceive.
    The debate is about “like” or “don’t like”, as for retarded teenagers on facebook, micro concepts and micro sentences, minimal or the absence of coherent thinking, minimalist use of language are the trademark of thought limitation, exactly like in Georges Orwell’s novel.

    People seeing themselves or being labelled as highly educated are also falling for the obvious manipulation.
    If historians have often wondered how Germans followed Hitler in his sinister projects and genocides in Nazi Germany, they shouldn’t wonder.
    Our brave new world confirms that having received an education, owning high diplomas doesn’t mean that people are able to think by themselves or are in any way able to realise they are being manipulated.
    History repeats itself and the compliant masses of today repeat the mistakes of the compliant masses of yesterday, the propaganda techniques are mainly the same, only the technologies changed.

    The responsibility of the mainstream media in this crisis is immense.
    It is thanks to the message they send everyday to the world, showing Europe completely powerless, without any frontiers, as a very weak and easy prey that they create this never ending influx of illegal immigrants, most of them being economic migrants rather than refugees coming from real war zones.

  2. The EU dictatorship validates the invasion

    The last straw in the organised “migrant crisis” has been drawn yesterday.

    The EU, or rather, the unelected bodies representing only themselves, corporate and foreign interests, as it has now become a rule, have decided unilaterally to “share” the so called “refugees” (75% of them being fake refugees, male between 20 and 40, and real profiteers including a sizable number of criminals and jihad militants), between all the ”members” of this mockery that became the “European union”.

    Despite the refusal of this sinister plan by several countries like Slovakia, Hungary or the Czech Republic, countries who know only too well what it is to be under the yoke of foreign oppression and being invaded after having lived under the occupation of the Turks, the Hapsburgs, the Nazis and the soviets.
    But here again, they are back, like 75 years ago, the Germans have managed to impose a de facto invasion of Europe even to those who are still opposing it, even to the courageous countries who, alone are fighting against the invasion, for their sake and for Europe survival.

    For those who still had any shed of doubt about what the EU really is, here is another example of the real nature of this unaccountable monster: a faceless totalitarian regime bent on its main goal through the destruction of freedom and democracy, the obliteration of national identities, the constant demolition of states sovereignty:
    The annihilation of European people and European civilisation, the destruction of Europe.

    Again, like in the case of the “banking” crisis, the bailouts of private firms by public money, rewarded by austerity for the people and abundance for the very few, in the case of Cyprus great bank robbery, in the case of the pillaging of Greece, happening now in front of our very eyes as the public services are sold to German corporations, with the complicity of the wet banger Tsipras and his mock anti-austerity party Syriza, again, they are forcing on us something the vast majority of us don’t want.

    This time they force on us millions of illegal aliens, 95% of them muslims, 75% men and fake refugees from countries that are not even at war (tens of thousands of Albanians registered on asylum seekers lists for Germany, being one of the sickest joke of this masquerade).

    Helped by compliant media and corrupted journalists who have launched since months one of the biggest propaganda campaign ever destined to make naïve people believe that this invasion is a “refugee” crisis, despite the evidence, despite the obvious, despite the numbers, despite any kind of common sense.

    In appearance, they seem to have succeeded to convince those who, as usual, are easily convinced by making them cry or by appealing to their feelings, playing with their too easy to trigger pity by staging the death of a toddler; using a dead child image to shut down every attempt at analysis, to replace the act of thinking by forged feelings. To kill any debate or possible different opinion.

    Until everybody realized the father was a human trafficker himself. But who cares, as long as most media don’t mention it, they assume that the majority don’t know about it.

    In reality, the vast majority of Europeans are not dupe, contrary to the very few who shake their little flags of welcome to invaders in Germany, the vast majority of Germans now hate Angela Merkel, as one of the main responsible of this situation and the main perpetrator of the future demise of Germany.
    We knew Merkel was the puppet of big finance and big corporations, we didn’t realize she also answered to the globalist political agenda of those who want to destroy our countries homogeneity by flooding us with aliens that will never adapt or assimilate in our cultures.

    Divide to better reign, a gift to all the corporate exploiters of the human race, local German workers wages will have to be dropped to match the million new slave labour coming into the land!
    Soon Germans will have to be expel from their homes to make place for the scum coming in.

    Merkel’s good saudi friends while taking absolutely no “refugees” are already on the starting blocks to finance mosques all over the country. With support for Isis with their friend Erdogan, financing fundamentalism, invading Europe belongs to their global plan of world conquest. With the help of the usual traitors in Europe and the USA.

    Already we hear about children and women being raped by those nice “refugees”, completely covered up of course by mainstream media in order to hide the ugly truth from the people who have no time, no intention and no courage to inform themselves.

    Europeans, some of the most educated people on earth, aren’t not even as smart as their forebears in the middle ages, they fell for the same lies, they believe the same propaganda and despite their supposed knowledge, most are unable to think by themselves.

    Or so it seems, as the vast majority don’t believe anymore in the gigantic bullshit spread on them by the Euronews, BBC, F24, CNN, NYT, Spiegel and all the other propaganda branches of corporations and political lobbies.

    The media establishment in Europe, controlled by a tiny minority who tries to impose their opinion on the majority, often succeed, but are more and more at odds with their targets since what they broadcast simply makes less and less sense.

    Why would any country in the world suppress its borders and let anybody in?
    Why would you let people in just because they impose themselves at the door?
    Why wouldn’t you use your army to protect the integrity of your land? What’s an army for then?
    Why would you even help people to break in and to settle in your own house?

    People know it doesn’t make sense. They know that they are being deceived, that their voice and votes are being ignored.
    They are being taken for real idiots. And it works for many of them, those who genuinely believe they should let illegal aliens in, in complete disregard for the future of their countries.

    The message sent by the totalitarian oligarchs in Brussels, Berlin or Paris to the rest of the world is clear: Europe is weak, it has no frontiers, its “leaders” are blind and corrupt enough, there is no need of an army to invade this continent. So let’s go, throw your passport off and pretend to come from Syria.

    The merkels and Hollandes of this world are betraying the mandates that has been given to them by citizens. They are betraying their countries. They are betraying Europe and its people.
    They have shown all along how much they don’t care and despise the citizens they are supposed to represent.
    Merkel has decided on her own to “welcome” the invaders, she has also decided to force quotas on the other EU countries. Hollande, as a good pet was the first to follow.
    Even Hitler didn’t have such an easy task with Vichy’s government during WW2.

    Hollande, the new Laval of our times is always too pleased to follow his masters orders as we see him everyday serving Washington and Ryad interests and political agendas for Russia, Syria and the middle east.

    These people have betrayed us, they have betrayed their countries, they have betrayed their forebears, they have betrayed Europe and the Europeans.

    They deserve to vanish, they need to go.
    Allowing a disguised invasion on their own countries, organising, helping and fuelling this invasion will count for the future.

    Merkel, Hollande, Juncker, and the oligarchs in Brussels will be held accountable, they will pay for their crimes, they will answer for their treason!

    I call on all European people to revolt, to enter civil disobedience, to demonstrate against the totalitarian diktat from Brussels, to refuse the invasion quotas, to refuse the invaders, to chase them in every corner of the continent, to repel them by force if necessary, to expel them.

    I call citizens to resist, to take arms and dispose of the totalitarian regime in Brussels!
    To remove their treacherous and corrupted governments, to elect people who serve the interests of their countries and people first!

    I call European citizens to seize power, to tear down the sinister treaties made to enslave us and to regain our rights to control our destinies.

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