British government continues illegal attempts to avoid legal challenges to planned overt NATO war on Syria

the real Syrian Free Press

The British Parliament has been exposed trying to very quietly try and block legal challenges to their waging war on Syria.

The facts are the ‘Defence’ Secretary Michael Fallon dishonestly asserted off the Parliamentary record at the RUSI that he had legal grounds to use the false pretext of ‘surveillance’ to wage war in Syria without any vote, while the Tory & Labour MP’s David Davis and Tom Watson dishonestly portrayed their court order could stop legal challenges to ‘surveillance’ operations until the end of March 2016.

the entire apparatus of the british parliament and mainstream media are working together to try and avoid any legal challenge that can only expose the UK will never have any legal grounds to invade syria

Fallon, Davis and Watson were all acting on behalf of the entire British Parliament.

British ‘surveillance’ would realize they were rumbled with the three words…International…

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