Turkish parties, associations, people hold Erdogan responsible for the terrorist explosion of Suruc

the real Syrian Free Press


Ankara, 21/7/2015 ~ Turkish parties, associations and people expressed, in demonstrations, statements and conferences, anger over the terrorist explosion that hit southern Turkish town of Suruc, holding Butcher Erdogan and his regime responsible for the bombing.

On Monday, at least 3o people were killed in a terrorist bombing during a meeting of young activists to discuss the reconstruction of the Syrian city of Ain Al-Arab and to express solidarity with it in the face of the Takfiri terrorism.


Republican People’s Party (CHP) Vice Chairman Veli Agbaba stressed that the terrorist bombing, which rocked Suruc town to the southeast of Turkey Monday, is the result of policies adopted by the regime of Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party “AKP” and of the dangerous acts of the Turkish intelligence in Syria.

The bombing proved dangers of the foreign policy adopted by AKP government and Turkish intelligence which has become no longer a national…

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