FBI to train 50 police in Odessa

Odessablog's Blog

According to Governor Saakashvili (and not unsurprisingly if true), the Oblast and the FBI have reached agreement upon training 50 police officers.

These 50 police officers will be trained separately from the rest of the Oblast police – necessarily so, for detective training, if done properly, is a very intense and fairly long course that concentrates upon specific areas of policing rather than traffic or general policing.

It is unclear whether these 50 officers will be drawn from the existing ranks or not, although every police officer should have a full understanding of general policing prior to specialising, so from amongst the existing ranks would seem most likely.

It is also unclear as to the purpose of this 50 officer team.

If the FBI are training them, then presumably a good deal of time will be spent upon learning how to get the most from witnesses and the contents of…

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