Libya: Chaos – The Result of Western Intrusion

News For The Blind

Why is it that whatever the West touches rots to the flesh within seconds? Why is it that the West always manages to choose the wrong side, the side of terrorism, dictators, Fascism, lobbies, forces which oppresses the people, holds them down and makes their lives misery? Welcome to Libya which the West destroyed in 2011, without any consequences.

The events of 2010 are well known. The French installed themselves in Benghazi, which had long had separatist tendencies away from the capital Tripoli to the west and the plans were drawn up with the other willing members of the FUKUS Axis (France-UK-US). And on cue in 2011 with the eastern and western borders secured in Tunisia and Egypt (two other countries rapidly spinning out of control), Hillary Clinton, David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy gave the nod to the involvement of their countries in the internal affairs of a…

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