Omage to the Beauty, Lionesses of War: Lethal Women Fighters in the Syrian-Kurdish-Donbass-Russian Armies

the real Syrian Free Press


“Our country needs us now”: Syrian army’s female soldiers.
Female Fighters from the Republican Guard.
Mujeres letales en el Ejército Sirio.

FemaleEliteUnitsof the Syrian Arab Army: powerfuland lethal.



Syria: Kurdish women soldiers against jihadists.
Kurdish women soldiers confronting Daesh on the front lines.
Mujeres kurdas: en guerra contra el ISIS.

The apesof Daesh (the so called ‘Islamic State’)believethat if they diein battle,at the handsof a woman, their soulswill burn in hell, contrary towhat would happenif they fallinto the handsof a man.Given this,the Kurds, whoare fighting intheir regionagainst the spread ofthe jihadist-terrorist gangs, formedwomen’sbattalionsto tormentanddrive them back. 



Donbass Women Fighting Against Kiev’s Putschists

Novorossia women’s stories of militia. What brought them into resisance, what gives…

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