Latest Novorossiya Military Reports [15-16-17 August 2015] + Meeting the people of Donbass: “Kiev destroy our houses by order of US State Dept” (Eng. Subt.)

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August 17, 2015

Yesteday, clashes with usage of small arms and mortars continued at Peski and Donetsk Airport.  The capital of DPR came under Ukrainian artillery fire. Then, Kiev’s side advanced at Gorlovka in the sector of Novogorodskoe-Shirokaya Balka. Ukrainian military shell the town from the direction of Dzerjinsk.

The settlement Telmonovo was shelld by MLRS Grad of pro-Kiev forces.  One local was killed, many wounded. Also, the local hospital was damaged.

Meanwhile, Pro-Kiev militants shelled the Sahanka settlement from the direction of Kiev-cointrolled Kalinovka and Sartana.  Witnesses report that positions of Ukrainian artillery established in the residential areas of the settlements. Also, positions of Ukrainian artillery were fixed at the residential areas of Mariupol.

Later, clashes were observed in the sector of Krasnogorovka and Staromihailovka. Pro-Kiev militants used battle tanks and military rocket launcher systems there.

The fights have been rising in LPR. The fights were observed at…

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