Saudi jets target school in Yemen’s Ibb province, 14 civilians incl. 3 children killed, 6 members of a family slaughtered in Sa’ada province

the real Syrian Free Press

men and kids injured in a Saudi airstrike

Within days, Saudi Arabia’s military campaign against Yemen will enter its fifth month, with massive airstrikes being conducted on a daily basis. Saudi warplanes have conducted fresh airstrikes against Yemen amid mounting civilian casualties in the impoverished country.

In the most recent attacks, Saudi warplanes targeted a school in Qafr district of Ibb province. killing four civilians, including 3 children. Earlier, they bombed a residential area in Saddah district, killing four more civilians.

More than 10 civilians were also killed as Saudi military aircraft pounded Harad district in Hajjah province. Earlier, Hidan district in Sa’ada province was bombed several times.

A number of civilians were reportedly wounded in the attacks.

The Saudi offensive against Yemen has claimed nearly five-thousand lives and left millions in a grave situation.

Riyadh has defied repeated international calls to end the war of aggression against Yemen, a sovereign, independent nation, who had committed so far…

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