Chemical Weapons Used in Syria [including Sarin Gas] Came from Defense Department facility in Tbilisi, Georgia

the real Syrian Free Press


Excerpts from VeteransToday, by Gordon Duff, 3 Sept. 2015

From Israel’s “Daily Beast,” attempts to blame Assad for Turkish gas shells

The Pentagon sent this article out to all military, members of congress and military retirees in their Early Bird “best of the news.”  There have been nothing but hoaxes and lies coming out of the Pentagon now indicating that those running the Pentagon’s news service are in the pay of a foreign government.

All of this has been timed to “put the ketchup back in the bottle” after the huge defeat Israel suffered yesterday in American politics.

Here is what can be proven to be true:

  • Chemical weapons used in Syria, including Sarin gas, came from an Defense Department facility in Tbilisi, Georgia.  We have witness statements, photographs, plans for the labs, all published in Russia and the US include a television documentary seen around the world.
  • Turkish authorities…

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