Britain’s Labour Party and ‘Stop the War Coalition’ support ‘Free Syrian Army’ mercenary-terrorists

the real Syrian Free Press

corbyn-fsa-52912th september 2015: Corbyn’s Labour, STWC & [sh]Amnesty International hosting NATO’s phoney foreign backed lethally armed ‘free syria army’… ‘revolutionaries’ like Adbulaziz Almashi

UK Armed Forces Day 2015: UK STWC (Stop the War Coalition) & Amnesty International host NATO’s ‘Free Syria Army’ mercenaries in ‘refugees’ homecoming parade

There is no way any anti-war campaigners would ever be seen marching alongside NATO’s ‘Free Syria Army’ mercenary terrorists, therefore explaining why two Mayors of London (Livingstone & Johnson) et al suddenly stashed our entire display of Britain committing Genocide [they have repeatedly stolen] in the ‘Museum of London’.

Westminster could only re-brand members of the ‘Free Syria Army’ as ‘refugees’ while wheeling out ‘union’ dogsbodies who are the only ones who would go along with such treachery that far from being any kind of anti-war march was instead a NATO military homecoming parade.

Almashi ‘organized’ NATO’s STWC & Amnesty International’s homecoming parade.

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