Mistakenly Occupied: The Gory War on Afghanistan ~ US Regime

Mistakenly Occupied: The Gory War on Afghanistan

TEHRAN (FNA)– US Commander in Afghanistan Gen. John Campbell has a lot of nerves to revise his narrative on the recent US attack on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in northern Afghanistan, claiming it was “mistakenly struck.”

It is not that hard to understand why he insists the US army “would never intentionally target a protected medical facility.” Though he has conceded that the US chain of command had indeed made the decision through “a rigorous procedure” to attack the hospital in Kunduz, a strike that killed 22, including 12 Doctors Without Borders staff.

The UN Human Rights Watch and Doctors Without Borders have both condemned the hospital massacre as a “war crime” and are demanding an independent investigation beyond the silly one carried out by the Pentagon. The White House rejects the suggestion that bombing the hospital full of civilians is a “war crime,” and Gen. Campbell declines to offer a timeline on the Pentagon probe.

This write-up is not an attempt to politicize the whole thing or present it as a repeated accident that the US general is desperate to sweep under the rug. What’s important to realize is that you may make mistakes, but you are not a failure until you start blaming someone else. And being a failure and blaming the Afghan troops for the Kunduz tragedy is what Gen. Campbell has been doing all this time.

Lest he forgets, to err is human, to repent divine, to persist devilish. People are still dying in Afghanistan for all the wrong reasons. Attacks on medical centers cannot be brushed aside as a mere mistake or an inevitable consequence of war. They affect humanitarian work everywhere, and fundamentally undermine the core principles of humanitarian action throughout the world.

Strange enough, the “tough” US general refuses to recognize all this and more. Instead, he is talking of “succeeding” in perhaps a decade in order to prolong the US army’s bloodstained occupation. The unfortunate American and NATO troops who think they have a decade to win a pointless war against insurgents have clearly not been reading military history.

Many polls are showing that the majority of Afghans want the American and NATO forces to leave and the majority of US voters want the same thing from their presidential candidates. This is because as long as the occupying troops remain in Afghanistan there will be no security for the American public back home amid the nasty continuing inter-ethnic wars between the warlords as well as between the Taliban and the US-led forces. Simply put, the result is what we just saw in Kunduz: Chaos and an ocean of blood.

Regardless of the polls, certain arrogant US generals on the ground still insist that the desperate situation can be turned around if only more time and more troops are committed. Even with US forces being increased to 10,000-strong allied army, the generals also know the situation in Afghanistan is serious and that success is not achievable.

There is no grandiose purpose to having US military forces operating in Afghanistan. Those who favor an escalation of the war ought to own up to its heavy costs and bloody consequences. Of course, none of this is likely to be the case as long as the US and NATO commanders pursue their strategy of bomb and apologize, while garrisoning the planet and fighting open-ended wars on not only Afghan but global frontiers.

Instead of fueling global outrage for their illicit wars and occupations, the warmongers would be better off – and safer – if they come to their senses and downsize their pointless missions in the world, particularly in Afghanistan. By making deadly mistakes, the War Party will never become superior in Afghanistan. Here, when the US army “mistakenly” strikes and then scrambles for a scapegoat, they call it evil.

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