President al-Assad to China’s ‘Phoenix TV’ channel: “All kinds of supports to ‘ISIS’ passes through Turkey” ~ [Full Transcript and Video Report]

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President Bashar al-Assad said that you cannot take any concrete political step before defeating terrorism, because this is the biggest obstacle, and this is the prime concern to every Syrian.

President al-Assad added in an interview given to “PHOENIX” TV Channel that  …” from the very first day, we were determined to fight terrorism. We never had any other position, we want to fight terrorism and defend our people”.

Following is the Full Text, the Video Report of the Interview and the Latest Events.

Syrian National Television Reports – 22 November 2015

Question 1: Good morning, President Assad. Thank you for having us in this former presidential palace. You see, when people talk about the crisis in Syria, the term “civil war” is often heard, but it seems like you never agree with it. You don’t think it’s a civil war going on in Syria, do you?

President Assad: First…

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