Where are gone all the Daesh mercenaries (around 2000), smuggled out of Ramadi by the U.S. Air Force?

the real Syrian Free Press

tribes entered the city of Ramadi

U.S. Armed Forces accused of smuggling 2000 DAESH mercenaries out of Ramadi

By Elijah J. Magnier (@ejmalrai), via AlraiMediaGroup, from Alraimedia
Edited by Ollie Richardson on Fortruss, Submitted by ‘The Old Sniper‘ on WarPress.info

The Iraqi Army, the Counter Terrorism units, the Federal police, and Anbar tribes entered the city of Ramadi that was occupied by the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” group (ISIS) for several months.

To their biggest surprise, only a few bodies of the terrorist group were found when intelligence gathering by the U.S led coalition and the Iraqi intelligence service confirmed the presence of around 2000 fighters in the city until days before the final assault.

Six ISIS fighters were arrested while trying to flee Ramadi among the 442 civilians who left the city one day before the final assault on the city center.

The same phenomena of “ISIS evaporation” was registered in…

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