US Making Instrumental Use of ISIL, Al-Qaeda in Israel’s Favor

Source: US Making Instrumental Use of ISIL, Al-Qaeda in Israel's Favor

TEHRAN (FNA)- Informed sources disclosed that Al-Qaeda and the ISIL terrorist groups have become the winning cards of the US in Yemen to help that country and Israel achieve their goals.

“Washington has widened its measures to use Al-Qaeda and the ISIL to help Israel to maintain its security,” an informed source in Yemen’s intelligence forces, speaking on the conditions of anonymity, told FNA on Monday.

He reiterated that the terrorist groups operating in Yemen are the US tools, and said, “This comes as regional stability and security are endangered by the spread of dangerous terrorist groups,” the source added.

The source further underlined that Yemen’s intelligence and security forces have found corroborative evidence proving the United States’ tight link with the ISIL and, at least, one document showing very clearly that “the Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula is serving Washington and moving along the line specified by the CIA”.

Political analysts believe that the Saudi attacks on Yemen have strengthened the Takfiri terrorist groups such as the ISIL and Al-Qaeda.

In relevant remarks last March, a British political analyst said that the Saudi-led war against Yemen further entrenches al-Qaeda terrorists in the country and threatens to ignite a sectarian backlash within Saudi Arabia itself.

In an article published by the UK Telegraph on March 31, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard said, “Saudi Arabia’s escalating intervention in Yemen is a high-stakes gamble that risks back-firing in a series of complex ways, ultimately endangering the security of global energy supply.”

He further added that military analysts say “there is little chance that air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition will subjugate popular forces in Yemen.”

Evans-Pritchard said, “The longer the conflict goes on, the greater the risks that it will stir up internal hatred in the country.”

“If the Saudis continue this war – and if they keep killing civilians – this is going to create internal instability in Saudi Arabia itself,” he quoted Ali al-Ahmed, from the Institute for Persian Gulf Affairs in Washington, as saying.

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