Turkish intelligence & US knew of Ankara bomb attack several days beforehand – docs



As the EU deal on refugees begins to unravel (see below) the Erdogan regime is being attacked from without (regarding its human rights record and EU membership aspirations) and from opponents within (the Government has, not unexpectedly, accused Kurdish separatists of being behind Sunday’s bomb in Ankara). There is evidence, however, from two documented sources, that the Turkish authorities knew well in advance that a bombing was planned in Ankara, but did not do anything about it or warn anyone – either through incompetence, or for other reasons yet to be disclosed. The question now is, has the conflict in Turkey reached tipping point, or can another ceasefire between the Government and its opponents be arranged? Going by President Erdogan’s actions over the last six months (destruction of Kurd cities/towns, resulting in the deaths of many Kurds) and his determination to wreak revenge on those he believes are responsible for…

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