Elias Davidsson: Great Research, Great Analysis!



Elias_Davidsson was born 1941 to German-Jewish parents in Palestine. As a young man he lived for a while in France, studied music in Germany and moved to Iceland in 1962, adopting Icelandic citizenship. After 20 years as IT programmer he moved back to music activities, directed a small music school, served as church musician and composed music for children.

Davidsson was involved in the Icelandic peace movement and began in the 80´s to work for a just and peaceful solution to the Palestine question, opposing the Zionist basis of the State Israel. In the 90´s he became involved in international law and published a number of essays in law journals in the US, the UK and the Netherlands.


Tackling the Conspiracy of Nine Eleven

By the time becoming a prolific political_commentator, Elias Davidsson began dealing intensively with the events of Nine Eleven. In 2013 his first book, “Hijacking_Americas_Mind_on_9/11:_Counterfeiting_Evidence”, was published in New York. In this book Davidsson points…

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