Western corporate media ‘disappears’ over 1.5 million Syrians and 4,000 doctors

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l -Eva Bartlett Aug 14, 2016, SOTT.net -(Global Research, Strategic Culture Foundation) As the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian government make more significant advances in restoring security to northern Syria’s Aleppo and its population, war-propagandizing human rights groups posing as neutral, and Western media (and Gulf counterparts like Al Jazeera)…

Syria Dispatch: Most Syrians Support Assad, Reject Phony Foreign ‘Revolution’

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, © Eva Bartlett A newly opened fruit and vegetable stand in Homs’ Old City. Mar 7, 2016, SOTT.net (in Spanish; in German; re-published at: Off Guardian, Dissident Voice, Strategic Culture, Global Research) (cited in: “Western Reporter in Syria Finds U.S.-Backed Fighters Are Jihadists”, Washington’s Blog; “Contrary to West’s Humpty-Dumpty…

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YPG Statement on Recent Attack in Ankara – Turkey

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http://kurdistantribune.com/2016/ypg-statement-on-recent-attack-ankara-turkey/ Statement by YPG General Command: Introduction by PYD Foreign Relations Office: The General Command of YPG (People’s Defense Units) has released a statement in response to Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu who blamed the YPG for yesterday’s attack in the heart of Turkish capital Ankara which left 28…

Fracking water causes Cancer: Here’s the proof

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Here’s The New Study The Fracking Industry Doesn’t Want You to See  Submitted by Claire Bernish via TheAntiMedia.org, Though fracking industry proponents scoff at any intimation their so-called vital industry poses even scant risks to the public, a new study published in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology just proved those critics right…

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Yemen: The Forgotten “War”

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26th November 2015 An honour to be on UK Column with Kim Sharif of Human Rights for Yemen. This is a must watch, Kim deconstructs ALL western media, NGO and government myths that support the Saudi coalition’s  systematic extermination of the Yemeni people. Thank you once more Mike…

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Syria: The Middle Eastern Stalingrad

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by Andre Vltchek, NEO Day and night, for years, an overwhelming force has been battering this quiet nation, one of the cradles of human civilization. Hundreds of thousands have died, and millions have been forced to flee abroad or have been internally displaced. In many cities and villages, not one house…

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Where are gone all the Daesh mercenaries (around 2000), smuggled out of Ramadi by the U.S. Air Force?

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U.S. Armed Forces accused of smuggling 2000 DAESH mercenaries out of Ramadi By Elijah J. Magnier (@ejmalrai), via AlraiMediaGroup, from Alraimedia Edited by Ollie Richardson on Fortruss, Submitted by ‘The Old Sniper‘ on WarPress.info The Iraqi Army, the Counter Terrorism units, the Federal police, and Anbar tribes…

Gallup: Ukrainians Loathe the Kiev Government Imposed by Obama

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On December 23rd, Gallup headlines “Ukrainians Disillusioned With Leadership,” and reports that “nearly nine in 10 Ukrainians (88%) say corruption is widespread in their government, and about eight in 10 (81%) see the same widespread problem in their country’s businesses.” 8% of Ukrainians now say they “have confidence…

State Department Diplomacy at its Finest: spokesperson backtracks on accusations of Russian airstrikes hitting civilian infrastructure

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Corporate media and the US government first accused Russia of attacking Syrian civilians **before** the airstrikes had even begun a month ago. Now, their latest scheme is accusing Russia of bombing hospitals in Syria (and ignoring the actual bombing of hospitals by the west’s “moderate” terrorists… like the Kindi Hospital,…