Our First Contributing Authors @ Dogma and Geo

Kushite Prince ~ I’ve studied about Kemetic history,Moorish science and African history in general. I admire Marcus Garvey,Noble Drew Ali,Malcolm X,Huey Newton,Amos Wilson,Queen Afua,Mwalimu Baruti,Frances Welsing,John Henrik Clarke,Dr Ben,Phil Valentine,Sabir Bey and Umar Johnson.



Contributing Author ~ Malkia Charlee NoCry

Philosophy Editor
Twitter: @MalCharNocry/@CoalFemRev/@Femficatio
Categories: philosophy, criticism, and space

M Charlee is a feminist writer woman of colour with an MSc in Immunology.  She has studied medieval philosophy during her undergrad and is a feminist analytical philosopher (coining the term femficātiō).  She is co-founder of Coal Publishing with Kamaria Muntu.  She is interested in feminist philosophy, literary criticism and space:environment interactions.


nutsfortreasure ~ We prospect for GOLD as well as look for lost items everywhere we go!






sidramone ~politics music and life from a pund view


Schtiel ~ liniste …
… Fotografie, poezie, cultura, frumusete




Hasan ~ seek the truth and just where you find truth you find God, Humanity and Peace



~ desertrose

I am a woman who has come back from the depths of the Abyss. Having to rediscover myself and who I truly am. My Journey has been a long and hard one …



MrMary MuthaFuckingPoppins

MrMary MuthaFuckingPoppins (born 05 Aug 1981), better known as MrMary, is wordpress based blogger not know for much other than having as one former teacher put it: “Diarhea of the mind but constipation of the mouth.”



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