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this is too much information to keep adding pages, so we are adding our own Auntie Dogma Greenhouse 😉
feel free to join us, all are welcome to contribute …. thank you
(we don’t care what language you speak, all languages welcome …)

Starting a Garden

Vegetable gardening is an empowering activity for people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you have a few containers, a community garden plot, or a large “country” garden, you can supply your family and friends with nutritious vegetables for 6 to 9 months of the year.  Vegetable gardening is terrific exercise and can help reduce household food expenses, plus the added bonus of knowing what you are eating 😉

Planning and preparation are essential to a good gardening experience.  A vegetable garden is not created in a day.  Before you run out to the garden center and buy plants, think about these 5 basic steps:

  • Plan your garden,
  • Select your site,
  • Prepare your soil,
  • Plant your crops, and
  • Take care of your garden.

We’re going to help you with some gardening planning and tips for all locations and garden sizes … enjoy and feel free to contribute !



20 thoughts on “UPDATED! Notice we are moving ~ Dogma Garden Spot ~

  1. A suggestion,we can grow our own plants from seeds we can save from veggies we consume and trust .No need to buy plants. With a little bit of patience and a sunny spot,we can get started around April so we can transfer to soil by May when its warmer(N. hemisphere)
    Plants must not be placed under the shadow of trees-(facing this issue here )
    All we need is small plastic pots,or even cups,some soil and the seeds which must be dry. I save my own ones in autumn (example tomato plants) so that i can use them for new plants the coming season.If i collect seeds from winter plants,i do so in the spring or early June -depends on the weather
    p.s. Love the page 😀

  2. thank you 😉 i do that too
    if you do start them inside they need to be slowly adjusted to full sun when put outdoors.

    feel free to add, i am adding pages and then just organizing under parent/sub parent pages.

    got side tracked with world events and stupid car

  3. For our readers in Greece,a good place to get seeds,find varieties that no longer “exist”and / or exchange your own ones is http://peliti.gr/ . Most know it well lets say helping out the new gardeners 🙂 And a great destination for the weekend

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  5. Thank you folks 4 your INSPIRATION, don’t know bout everyone, but, I FEEL IN MY DREAMS WORLD when I am in the garden 😀 I mean it.
    Were we starting the pond first ? ..After that, we put some pond fish, we buy a pump, and grow vegetables ( Just like aquaponics )…Heard of AQUAPONICS ??.. 😀 he he he

    Backyard aquaponics home in W.A. Australia.

    Enjoy our ideas, and forget about the chicken or cow poop ..LMBO … 😉

    • thanks for the video 😀 i feel the same when in garden,in fact i feel like i am in a different dimension 🙂 cant wait for weather to get warmer 😀 😀 looking forward to read more about aquaponics

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