Reposts from Dogma and Geo

We gratefully encourage sharing our news presented here at Dogma either by reblogging, pingbacks or links.  Thank you very much, we need to get truth out to as many people as will listen.

Unless noted we do not  own material presented on this website.

However, some of the posts are written and researched by individuals of Dogma Crew.  If you are reposting from our website, it is a courtesy to include an active link to the original article you are reposting as well as giving credit to the author cited. (Reblogging is automatically redirected to original site)

Any other copyright guidelines for individual sites we gather news from will be posted with article, it is your responsibility to follow other websites instructions for reposting.

If we post something of yours that puts a burr in your panties and you actually own the material we will remove without court action being needed, there are plenty of other sources (personal fu to AP photographer Marco Iamnotreallyitalianbutmeriklan from Carina).

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